Our Team


This group of people, experts in their fields, was selected to assure that LBT - Laser Beam Therapeutics ("LBT") is and will be on the right track. LBT multidisciplinary team brings proven track records in building company value through effective product development with over a decade of experience in the medical device field; in clinical, regulatory, research, business and financial aspects.   


Gadi Ben-Aharon

Pre-Clinical Consultant

A Pre-clinical expert with over 15 years experience animal models   establishment  and   development   of  medical devices and pharmaceuticals.










Sharon Rozenblat

PhD. R&D Consultant

Over 15 years of experience in the Israeli Biotech industry in R&D management positions.








Ran Vered

Laser and Electro-optics

Consulting and developing electro-optic  projects, including: custom camera  and optical systems for the Arrow Defence system. Over the course of 16 years, Ran served as manager in the  IDF Elite Intelligence  Technology  unit  (Lieutenant Colonel), overseeing  the  work of more  than  150 Doctors, Engineers and Technicians. Ran received the prestigious “Israel Prize for Defence” in 1997, and Intelligence Unit

prize in 1990. Ran holds a patent and many international publication.




 Yaron Arbel


Dr. Arbel he is an attending  interventional cardiologist  and the medical director of the CardioVascular Research Center (CVRC) at the Tel Aviv Medical Center. He has published over

115 articles and has initiated local, national and international studies. He is a reviewer/board  member in over 40 journals